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Applying for Social Security benefits is a complex and demanding process. Whether you’re about to apply for benefits or have already been denied, you need to seek counsel from a qualified attorney. The Law Office of Caroline Meng, LLC can help you if you are disabled or unable to work in Beaufort and the surrounding area. Caroline Meng will assist you with the claims process to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Fight for the financial assistance you need during this crucial time.

Contact the Law Office of Caroline Meng, LLC for an experienced Social Security & Disability Attorney located in Beaufort, SC.

Why should you choose Caroline Meng for your case?

Why should you choose Caroline Meng for your case?

You must appeal this denial as soon as possible. There’s a small window for you to appeal your denied claim. Caroline Meng will help you with the appeals process, so you can have your case heard before an administrative judge.

Hope is not lost for your Social Security disability claim in Beaufort, SC and surrounding areas. More claims are won at the hearing level than during the initial Social Security process. Increase the chances of your success with The Law Office of Caroline Meng. Call today to schedule your consultation.